Casual Fridays…Out Of Control?

In the last decade, many companies have adopted “Casual Friday” policies. Typically this means that employees may wear jeans or a short sleeves on Friday, rather than their “Top-Notch,” business apparel. Some companies use Friday as a themed day: everyone wears Hawaiian clothing, sporting apparel, and the same company T-Shirt. But as time has progresses, many companies have seen shifts in their Monday-Thursday apparel. Employees get comfortable with their Friday attire, and slowly lower the standards for the rest of the week. In companies that already have business casual dress code, “Casual Friday” can be pushed to the limit.

Could it be that “Casual Friday” is beginning to have a negative affect on overall workplace dress??


Choosing The Right Suit

When it comes to professional attire, many men complain they don’t have has many options as their women co-workers. While this may be true, there are still many ways to make even the most basic of men’s dress fit your unique style. Take a suit for example:

You can go black and white:

You can wear it casually:

All black gives a rich look:

Or venture out with a fun three piece:

Whatever your suit of choice is, make sure it is right for you! Your suit must fit your personality and your body. When you feel comfortable in your suit, everyone around you will take notice of your confidence.

What’s your favorite way to wear a suit?

Heavy Make-Up? A Major DON’T!

Check Out This Website:

All women love looking their best. And in today’s society looking your best involves enhancing your beauty with make-up. Whether or not you are a proponent of make-up, if you are a professional, working woman you need to recognize the role make-up plays in your appearance. This website gives great advice on using make-up to compliment, rather than hinder, your professional attire.

My Favorite Professional Clothing Item

When it comes to dressing professionally, women have an endless amount of options. Pants, skirts, dresses, jacket, sweaters, blouses… the list goes on and on. And each item comes in countless styles… different fabrics, colors, and cuts. The best part is, the combinations are endless. If you have a favorite clothing item, you can buy it in many different forms, and wear it match any professional occasion. My favorite is the pencil skirt. Look how many fantastic adaptations there are to the one of the staple professional attire items:

What’s your go to professional dress item??

Your Career Path Matters!

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I previously posted a link to for some great advice on interview attire. While that advice is great for general interviewing, this link is even better. Of course the extent of your professional dress depends on the job for which you are applying. This website addresses the differences one might consider in regards to their interview attire relative to the type of job they are trying to attain.

Dressing For A Job Interview

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As soon to be college graduates, we are all coming close to having to face those dreadful interviews! To ensure a successful interview, the first step is to arrive at it dressed to impress. This article by gives great advice on how to dress for your interview.

Tips For Professional Dress In Summer

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Wearing a pant or skirt suit is great in the winter. It keep you warm and you look like a million buck! In the summer, maintaing a professional look, isn’t quite as comfortable. T Women To Hire has great tips to keep cool and look great during those scorching months, as well as great awesome articles on implementing your style into you business attire!

Professional Dress In Academia

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As students, sometimes we wear gym clothes to class, sometime a sweatshirt and jeans, other days we dress business casual. Our professors on the other hand do not have the luxury of wearing whatever they feel like. This website discusses what may/may not be appropriate attire for people in the academic profession.